Project Description

Located between the plain and the Modena Apennines, the Unione Terre di Castelli collects the artistic, cultural, enogastronomic and natural heritage of eight different municipalities. </ P>

The Union Administration, in collaboration with AIAP, has announced a call for the design of a visual communication strategy to be developed in a new logo and payoff.

Our proposal has developed a modular system, designed in a contemporary style, to meet the need to visually communicate a rich and heterogeneous territorial offer. </ P>
The logotype represents a tower, symbol of the numerous castles on the territory, and is made up of polygons built on the base of the surface and the shape of each municipality.

The eight designed shapes allow to create additional elements of the visual system, such as textures, letters and icons.

The payoff, “eight municipalities, infinite possibilities”, explains the great cultural, gastronomic and tourist offer of the Terre di Castelli, and is obtained through the rotation of the symbol “8”. </ P>

The modular system of polygons, whose colors reflect the green and blue of woods and rivers, allows the visual identity to adapt to any possible communication declination without losing recognition, strength and effectiveness.