Project Description

A long journey through the wounds of the human soul: “Ramingo”, second chapter of the Quadrilogy of the Spirit by Davide Ravera, uses the metaphor of the wolf to portray fears and sufferings of a man unable to live -in an adult way- emotional relationships with other individuals of the species. Loss, pain, fatigue, but also the claim of one’s own creative and traveler spirit, which moves without direction, following only one’s instinct to survive.

The visual concept focuses on the icon of the wolf, the main metaphor used in musical writing, portraying it in an illustrated and not photographic way to underline its symbolic translation.

The red color, an allegory of emotions, of passions, of the bestial instincts that move the steps of the protagonist, pervades the whole project; but the figure of the wolf is defined by a white texture composed of a floral-like motif, to highlight the pure, simple and innocent nature of its spirit.

In the booklet, the texts move freely, without grid and without apparent direction, following only the need to express themselves. The logo recalls the symbolism of voodoo (literally “sign of the deep”), also a primitive expression of the spirit, at whose extremes the author’s initials are placed.
Beside the album, the concept has also been declined in the design of promotional gadgets.