Project Description

A Via Crucis of the Po Valley province, animated by stories of raw and real life, between sin and redemption, between submerged and saved: in one word, “Gospel”, the first chapter of the Quadrilogy of the Spirit by Davide Ravera.

The concept of the graphic design visually develops the messages of musical writing, such as the strong contrasts (use of black and white) and the references to Christian iconography and symbolism. Another theme, that is the faithful representation of real life, finds expression through the use of photography.

While the author, on the cover, is portrayed in order to rise from the weight of an invisible cross, the booklet opens and closes with a station of the Via Crucis, to symbolize the beginning and end of the path of salvation (or damnation) narrated in the album.

The logo, a cross in which the initials of the author are inscribed, red as the blood, the wine and the sin described in the album, is a seal that marks, like a fingerprint, the whole project. In addition to the album, in fact, the symbol was also used on the various gadgets made for the promotional campaign.

The concept was declined in the design of the press office photographs, in which the author’s poses recall famous paintings or sculptures depicting sacred subjects.
Photo Ester Zerbini