Project Description

Located in the heart of Emilia, the city of Cento </ strong> boasts a rich commercial, gastronomic and cultural offer. </ P>

The Municipal Administration, in collaboration with AIAP, announced a call for the design of a visual communication strategy </ strong> to be included in the informative signs of the main historical buildings and center entrances. </ p>

Our proposal has re-elaborated the distinctive elements of the urban identity in a contemporary </ strong> style, proposing a clear </ strong> communication solution, which is at the same time linked to double thread with the historical and artistic heritage </ strong> of Cento.

The map </ strong> of the historic center has been redesigned with the purpose of making simpler </ strong> the decoding of the information. </ P>

A different combination of icon-color </ strong> has been assigned to each economic sector to facilitate the identification within the road network of individual businesses, listed in detail in the area below the city plan.

Cento boasts a rich heritage of works by Guercino </ strong>, a famous mannerist painter who was born in Cento, and this important artistic presence has dictated the choice of colors </ strong>. </ span> </ p>

The icons </ strong>, derived from four recurrent architectural forms inside the historical center, are used to indicate the commercial activities in the map and for representing the harmony between culture and commerce within the texture </ strong>. </ span>

In addition to the information signs of the monuments and the entrances of the city, the request included the design of multiplatform template </ strong> for the online use of additional content.