Speaxel is a Berlin based startup dealing with the application of gamification to the foreign languages learning process. Through Fractars I had the opportunity to design and achieve Speaxel's brand identity as well as to offer consulting duty toward the game interface creation. Brand and logotype design is the most straightforward manifestation [...]

Alessio Zanoli


Alessio Zanoli is a structural engineer working both in the national and international field. His natural pragmatism might be described through these very keywords: solidity, reliability, firmness, engineering, distinctive, aseptic, flair, practical, memorable, structure, expert, balance, harmony, rationality.



Speaxel è una startup Berlinese il cui scopo è quello di applicare la gamification all'apprendimento delle lingue straniere. Con Fractars ho avuto il piacere di progettare e realizzare la brand identity e prestare consulenza nella creazione dell'interfaccia di gioco. La progettazione del marchio e del logotipo sono l'epressione diretta del nome della [...]

Alessio Zanoli


Alessio Zanoli è un ingegnere strutturale che opera nel panorama italiano e internazionale. All'apertura del suo studio, Alessio mi ha esposto il suo briefing con keywords molto nette e pragmatiche: solidità, affidabilità, sicurezza, ingegneria, distintivo, asettico, estro, pratico, memorabile, struttura, professionista, equilibrio, armonia, razionalità.

Terre di Castelli


Located between the plain and the Modena Apennines, the Unione Terre di Castelli collects the artistic, cultural, enogastronomic and natural heritage of eight different municipalities. </ P> The Union Administration, in collaboration with AIAP, has announced a call for the design of a visual communication strategy to be developed in a [...]

Ravera Ramingo


A long journey through the wounds of the human soul: "Ramingo", second chapter of the Quadrilogy of the Spirit by Davide Ravera, uses the metaphor of the wolf to portray fears and sufferings of a man unable to live -in an adult way- emotional relationships with other individuals of the species. [...]

Ravera Gospel


A Via Crucis of the Po Valley province, animated by stories of raw and real life, between sin and redemption, between submerged and saved: in one word, "Gospel", the first chapter of the Quadrilogy of the Spirit by Davide Ravera. The concept of the [...]

Gardens and not


The book "Giardini e no" by Umberto Pasti (published by Bompiani) is a manifesto of botanical resistance, personal and ironic, which -starting from the controversy against the fashion gardens- offers a cross-section of contemporary society. Our proposal has reworked the editorial design of the original volume to create a multisensory book, [...]

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