Fractars is a graphic and visual communication studio near Modena.
Our expertise develops in the constant search for innovation and uniqueness of graphic language, making us ideal partners for all the realities in search of distinction and energetic definition of their identity or their product.
New languages, strong expressive creativity, multiplicity of skills, with one goal: to give personality to your communication.


From the general to the particular, from the context to the specific reality, in order to exalt its peculiarities and distinctive elements.

In few words, highlight the uniqueness of your value.


Defining and identifying your identity allows to enhance it and give it the ability to express yourself.
Knowing your vision and your strengths, your goals, your target audience (customers, users, consumers) is the first step towards developing an appropriate and effective solution of communication.


After having identified your goals, it is important for us to know the world around you, through the study of the market and the economic context, of any previous case histories, of the cultural references within which you move.


Telling your values, establishing how to do it and why doing it that way.
Born from the study of your reality and developed through method and creativity, the concept defines clearly and univocally the strategy to follow.


If the concept is narration, its declinations represent the narrative sequences.
Brand, logo, font, colors, textures, payoffs, images, website, catalogs, social networks … The strength of your communication lies in the coherence of every single part.

ncrease the perception of your reality, exceed the expectations of your target, give both something of value: our challenge, our promise.


Laura Botti

Copywriter, graduated from the University of Bologna in modern history, I deal with the development of the concept and planning of online adv campaigns.

Simone Piccinini

Graphic designer, AIAP member, graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan in communication design, I deal with the identification and realization of the graphic project.